Easy Positive Affirmations

Ever need an encouraging word? Sometimes a simple motivational message can change the course of an entire day. What if every afternoon you received a much needed message to "relax" or "take a breath".

Quickly raise Self Esteem

Sending encouraging messages is only half of it. Send yourself fun messages to cheer up and have a blast thought out the day.

"Every time I get a message from myself, it makes me instantly smile." -Franziska San Pedro

Learn How to be Positive

Send quirky messages, at random times to make your days more fun.

"I [never] send myself messages at the same time so it stays unexpected and surprising. " -Franziska San Pedro

Get it Free

HiFutureSelf will add spice to your life. Launch HiFutureSelf and type in a message. Flick the date selector to any date and hit send. It's easy and so much fun.

HiFutureSelf will be instantly part of your daily routine.

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