Remember to Focus

HiFutureSelf let's you get things out your head quickly so you don't waste any time trying to remember things that just don't matter at the moment at hand. With a clearer head you improve your focus on things that matter.

Used by IT Pros

HiFutureSelf was chosen by HP as the #1 iPhone app for IT Professionals.

"It's handy for reminding you take care of cyclical data centre maintenance tasks." -Hewlett Packard

Built for Everyone

Cooking up a storm? Use HiFutureSelf instead of a timer for a quicker way to truly set it and forget it. There are countless numbers of way you can integrate HiFutureSelf into your life.

"We love this tool" - HP

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You don't need to remember to check a todo list, a post it note or a calendar. HiFutureSelf will let you know when you need to get things done.

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