Of course a future email requires a stamp!

Send an Email Message to the Future!

Send an e-mail into the future with our easy to use HiFutureSelf Email app. Type a message, select a delivery date and press send. Our magical email time machine will deliver your message at the right time.

Direct link to the future!

  1. Enter your e-mail to get a secure link to the future
  2. Open the secure link to open the time machine postcard
  3. Send a message directly into to the future!

Reminders when you need them

Get e-mail reminders just when you need them. All you need is your past self giving you a quick nudge and reminder.

Future Self, Future Care

Give yourself some much needed love with motivation and adivce. Receiving an e-mail from your past self can be a life changing experience. Don't screw it up.