Set Reminders Securely

Your reminders are set on your iPhone and never leave your phone.

How to set a Reminder?

Type your reminder into the reminder app, then select a time or location for that triggers it. Last step to set a reminder! Just press Send!

Universal iOS App

The iOS HiFutureSelf app allows you to set a reminder on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. No purchase or registration necessary.

Set a Reminder based on a location or time

Your reminders can be based on time or location. Choose a reminder trigger based on arriving or departing a location, or simply choose a time for your reminder to appear.

Easiest Way to Set Reminders

The simplified interface makes it very easy for anyone to edit documents. Upload your document and add content with a simple click.

Always With You on your iOS device

The HiFutureSelf app set reminder on your mobile device (and not in the cloud). You can set a reminder even while in airplane mode. Because HiFutureSelf app does not require an internet connection you save battery when you set or receive reminders when compared to nearly every other app.

Apple® Reminders vs HiFutureSelf App on iPhone X