Reminders for your future self

HiFutureSelf brings the ease of text messaging to setting up alerts and reminders. With as few as two taps you can set up reminders for your daily routine.

"This is a must have app! Great work!" -AllanA

Reminders with Alerts & Notifications

There is no fluff, or feature cramming. The only bells and whistles are ones you'll hear when you are awarded the "greatest punctuality" and "remembers things best in the world" award.

HiFutureSelf fills a need for every-day reminders like getting to class on time, calling that cute girl, doing your laundry and so much more.

Improve Relationships

HiFutureSelf helps you stay in touch with the people you care about. Learn how HiFutureSelf can help improve your relationships with your friends and family.

Daily Affirmations

Use HiFutureSelf to send positive affirmations, reinforcements, and fun messages. Learn to be positive thanks to one little app.

Sharp Focus

Use HiFutureSelf to get things out of your head quickly and focus on your life. Learn more about focusing on what matters.

Wake up in the mornings refreshed. Use HiFutureSelf as an alarm with just-in-time to-do reminders.

Remind Friends

Have a party planned? Create a HiFutureSelf message and send it to everyone that's invited.

The new send to friends option changes the possibilities of HiFutureSelf. Show off your dorky side, have a blast sharing your quirky messages with your friends.

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