Send Messages To Your Future Self

Type a message, select a time or location, and press send. That's all! Your message will appear in the future as a notification reminder.

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Simple interface to type in a message and select a time or location

"I've been using this app for years & I still love it. It’s a minimalist reminder app for those times when you don’t have time to fiddle with settings related to the thing you need to remember in the future. It just works!"

Declutter Your Mind

HiFutureSelf is not a to-do list. There are no checkmarks or badges. No need to stare at your phone. The messages arrive as notifications to your iOS device just in the moment, right when you need them.

Press send for the message to be sent into the future

For Everything In Your Life

HiFutureSelf is designed for your everyday tasks, like picking things up at a grocery store, motivation to encourage yourself to do another lap, or just remembering to text a friend.

Quickly preview your pending and delivered messages

"This app is essential! It gets me up and running every morning with it's simple reminders. I'm not sure how I survived without it, but am happy to see it rocking the App Store again"

A Peek At Your Future

With one swipe you can preview the future messages and reminders scheduled for today. The HiFutureSelf Today widget is available from your iPhone/iPad lockscreen.

The today widget gives you a little preview of your day

"I really love the layout of this app, it’s quick and easy to use."

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Rating: 4.3 (118 Reviews)

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