Send Messages To Your Future Self!

Type a message, select a time (or location), and press Send. Your message will appear in the future as a notification text reminder.

Simple interface to type a message and select a time or location to send to the future

"I've been using this app for years & I still love it. It’s a minimalist reminder app for those times when you don’t have time to fiddle with settings related to the thing you need to remember in the future. It just works!"

Location-Based Messages

Send messages for the moments when you arrive (or depart) a location.

Here are some fun ideas for location-based future messages:

  • Grocery list when you enter a store
  • Barista names for when you enter your favorite coffee shop (instant friends!)
  • Reminders for when you leave your home!
  • Motivation to do your best when you get to the gym
Select a location for your message deliver. Your message will arrive when you arrive or depart that location

Future Messages for Your Friends

Do you have a friend (or family member) that constantly needs a reminder?

Send them a Future Message Invite and they'll receive the notification right when they need it.

Send Future Message Invites to your friends. They will receive a reminder right when they need it

Schedule Repeating Messages

Some messages are so good, they're better on repeat!

Ideas for repeating messages:

  • Words of encouragement at different times of the week/month
  • Repeating weekly or monthly chores
  • Medication reminders
  • Reminders to stay in touch with friends (or family) regularly. You totally don't need this because you're so amazing. But just in case.
Select a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly repeat cadence for your future messages.

"This app is essential! It gets me up and running every morning with it's simple reminders. I'm not sure how I survived without it, but am happy to see it rocking the App Store again"

Beautiful in Dark Mode

HiFutureSelf will naturally match your iOS (iPhone/iPad) theme.

Designed to be easy on the eyes in both light and dark mode.

Dark Mode Theme to match your iOS settings

Send Yourself the Boost You Need

Don't be shy, schedule some words of encouragement and motivation. Make your days and weeks a little brighter.

A kind word from your past self can go a long way on a tough day!

Simple interface to type a message and select a time or location to send to the future

Pause & Resume Repeating Messages

In case you are traveling or need a break from your usual messages, just swipe from left to right to pause them. Swipe again to Resume!

Swipe left to right to pause and resume your repeating messages

"I really love the layout of this app, it’s quick and easy to use."

Suggested Messages to Motivate & Inspire

Curated set of messages to get you inspired, productive, and motivated.

Choose the messages and reminders that fit your life and tap Schedule Messages. Your selected messages will arrive right when you need them.

Select from a curated list of suggested messages

Preview Your Day with NEW iOS 17 Widgets

Two beautiful Lock Screen widgets, and 3 new Home Screen widgets at every size.

Preview Future Messages arriving widgets in the iOS Today Widget
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