How to Send Message Invites

With HiFutureSelf, you can send visible and secret message invites to your friends!

With the new Future Message Invites feature, you can now send personalized invites to your friends! Whether it's a reminder, a goal, or a special message, you can use Future Message Invites

You can schedule messages for a specific date and time or location, so your friend will be surprised with a hidden message at the perfect moment. This feature can be a great way to add a little bit of fun and excitement to your friend's day.

Tap on the invite button

Launch HiFutureSelf, write a message, select a time/location and tap on the Send to Friends icon on the top right. Your current message will turn into an invite, and you can send it to anyone via iMessage

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Send Invites via iMessage

Send your message invites via iMessage to your friends. They will be able to tap on the invite to accept them into their HiFutureSelf app.

Learn more about sending Secret (Hidden Messages!)

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Secret Messages

Secret Messages will stay hidden for your friends! They won't be able to see the content of the message until the message arrives!

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