How to Add iPhone Lock Screen Widgets (iOS 17) - Jul. 2024

Step-by-step instructions on how change, add, and remove Lock Screen Widgets on your iPhone.

Widgets on your Lock Screen

The easiest way to open the Lock Screen is by pressing the Power button. If your phone turns off, press it again, and you will see the Lock Screen.

Initial iOS 17 Lockscreen

Edit Your Lock Screen

Press and Hold the Center of your Lock Screen to activate the new iOS 17 Lock Screen customization feature.

Press the Customize Button

Customize Lock Screen Button

Lock Screen Editor

The editable regions on your lock screen will become highlighted with rectangles.

Editable Lock Screen regions are highlighted

Add, Change, Remove Widgets

Tap on the third highlighted rectangle. This is the section which will contain your widgets. The "Add Widget" library will appear with apps that support iOS 17 Widgets

Add Widgets to your lock screen

Add HiFutureSelf Lock Screen Widget

If you do not see the app listed, you can navigate here to download it from the App Store

HiFutureSelf in Lock Screen Widget Menu

Tap on a Widget to add it to your Lock Screen

There are two types of Widgets available, Circular and Rectangular. Tap on the one you prefer, and it will apear on your Lock Screen.

Types of Lock Screen Widgets

Drag to re-arrange your Widgets

While in this view, you can drag your Lock Screen Widgets to re-arrange their order.

Place and re-arrange lock screen widgets

Finishing Steps

Once you are satisfied, tap on the "Done" button at the top right

Press Done, when finished

Set Wallpaper Pair

You can choose to set the current background as a Wallpaper Pair. This will use the same wallpaper for your Home Screen and Lock Screen. If you prefer a different background for your Home Screen, select tap on "Customize Home Screen"

Make it easy on yourself, and just select Set as Wallapper Pair.

Wallpaper pair for Home Screen and Lock Screen

You now have Lock Screen Widgets on your iPhone!

You're all done! You can always change the Widgets again by tapping and holding the center of your lock screen and following the instructions above.

Your new Lock Screen with Widgets!
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